Running & Mental Wellbeing

Brighton & Hove Womens Running Club are very pleased and proud to have Mental Health Ambassadors appointed by England Athletics at our Club.

These Ambassadors are committed to improving mental wellbeing through running. Our Ambassadors, Carol, Lisa and Lucy, can be contacted through the club secretary.

Running and mental wellbeing

BHWRC recognises that running has so many health benefits both mentally and physically including:

  • Reduced anxiety and happier moods through the release of endorphins
  • Reduced feelings of stress as your body is better able to control cortisol levels
  • Clearer thinking by breaking up racing thoughts
  • Greater sense of calm with space to think things over
  • Increased self-esteem and sense of achievement
  • Reduced risk of depression as evidenced by research studies

The objectives of Mental Health Ambassadors are to:

  • Support – Proactively support the mental wellbeing of club members and provide information about local services and organisations that can offer further dedicated support
  • Promote & Advocate – Share information about England Athletics #runandtalk and other related campaigns
  • Talk – Be available for conversations about mental health with other club members

BHWRC  Mental Health Ambassadors are there to provide positive, open and non-judgmental support.

For more information about organisations that can support you see our resources page.

"Before the course I was very concerned that as I am so unfit and slow, I would hold others up. But I was never made to feel embarrassed or shamed to be last. I was always supported and made to feel proud of myself.”