Club Runs

There are various runs each Thursday, varying from 3-4 miles and 5-6 miles.

While Hove Rugby Club is our base we meet in a variety of locations in and around central Hove.

The first Thursday of each month is 'The Loop' - a simple 4.2 mile route around the streets of Hove. The idea behind this is for runners of all abilities to judge how they are improving. There are opportunities to cut off at an earlier point if you do not want to do the whole route.

In the summer The Loop follows the same format but includes some off-road terrain.

During the summer months our Thursday long runs may start from a different location to enable us to take advantage of the beautiful Sussex countryside.

Other Thursdays will include a training session led by our Leaders in Running Fitness (LiRFS) or Coaches in place of the usual run.

A Typical Monthly Club Calendar

Monday night training: Club training night led by our qualified coaches. Session usually comprises of speed or interval training. All training is undertaken at the individual's own effort level so caters for a variety of paces.

Training takes place in small training groups of a maximum of 12 per coach.

Tuesday night: Strength and conditioning classes (up to 12 people) - outdoors in spring/summer, indoors in winter (small charge applicable for hall hire in winter).

Thursday night: Official Club Night. Variety of different sized group road runs. Distances vary from around 3-7 miles catering for different running needs.

1st Thursday of the month - Loop Night - whole Club is invited to run a set 'loop course'. Standard course is 4.2 miles, can be shortened to 5km. Runners run at own effort level.

Saturday: Shoreham Farmers Market Social Run. On the 2nd Saturday of each month we run along the Adur River and up onto the South Downs (7.3 miles) with optional coffee and visit to Farmers’ Market afterwards. Many of our club members also attend local parkruns.

Sunday: Larger group off-road runs (distance usually between 5-10 miles)

Event specific training: Specific distance training also takes place leading up to major local events such as Brighton Half Marathon - usually on a Saturday.

Other informal (sometimes impromptu) runs: These are organised amongst club members and details posted on our member's Facebook page.

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"Every run is ‘one in the bank, earning interest’. I think about that at the end of every run. Even if you don’t have a great run, you ran, and it has helped you become stronger".