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Beginners Course


Our next beginners course starts on 4 May 2017 – please follow this link to our RunTogether booking page where you will find all the details  you need to sign up  at

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Our last beginners’ course finished with a group of new runners doing their first Parkrun in Hove Park. It was a huge success, and many have now joined the club and run regularly with us.

In the meantime, if you want to learn to run but don’t know where to start, check out the excellent Couch to 5K programme developed by NHS Choices. This covers the same ground as our course and will help you get started.

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Beginners update 2016.

 from our Club Captain, Lisa Smith-Wallace

The 10 week beginners course was once more a great success. We had 36 beginners signed up, of which 4 dropped out for various reasons. The final Parkrun was well attended and the beginners were well supported by many club members turning up to marshal, cheer or run with them.

16 ladies took us up on the offer of half price membership and are regularly joining us on club runs, training sessions and also getting involved in the club in other ways such as volunteering for Bright10. One of the ladies, ran GoGirl 5k before the course had finished and another had entered her first race, The Henfield 7 Stiles within just a few weeks of the course finishing. Several of our graduates have signed up for Rise 8k this coming Sunday so please join me in wishing them good luck.

There were a few positive additions to the course presentation this year. At the beginning of each session, previous beginners were invited to say a few words about what the beginners course experience had done for them. The talks were funny, honest, motivational, quite often emotional and all extremely inspiring.

The course ended with an award ceremony where we presented each graduate a medal which were well received.

We had a visit from Paul Godley from the Sports Injury Clinic to talk about when, how and who to seek advice from if you have any pain from running. Marion Hemsworth came along one week to run with the group and to talk about RunEngland. A few of the beginners stayed behind after one of their sessions to listen to Lucy and her talk on nutrition.




Hove Park - Park Run

Hove Park – Park Run

Thank you so much to everyone who baked, bought or sold cakes this morning at our charity cake sale. We raised a stonking £258.60 for RISE and that has been paid in to our Justgiving page.

Our beginners were simply amazing and I have had some brilliant feedback all ready that can hopefully go onto our website. Please read these comments below.


“It was fantastic, I never ever thought in a million years that I could have achieved a 5km. Very happy, couldn’t have done it without the club! The best thing I’ve done! I am so looking forward to running more and setting a new target, maybe even a 10km.”

“I enjoyed the park run this morning – the encouragement from the club has been great! Would definitely like to join the club & keep it up.”

Thank you to everyone who came along to either put up gazebos and flags,run with the beginners, to marshal at parkrun or to help with the charity stall. You are all amazing!


Running Club Week 10: the one with the bling…. THE LAST BEGINNER SESSION!

Tonight we got medals!!! Such a wicked surprise & a medal that I’m quite proud of. I wasn’t sure if I’d stick to the 10wks & keep running, but I’ve made it & I do feel that the running bug is back 🐞 <<<look there it is! 😂

Seriously though, I’m really looking forward to being part of the club again & joining the ladies out at club runs & eventually events too.

Thank you so much Lisa Smith-Wallace & Jane Wilkes for such an inspiring 10wks, to all the helpers & also Tina Amiet for being my running buddy.




Hello there,

I’ve just finished the Beginners Course and wanted to update on something lovely…

I had an asthma review yesterday and my nurse and I were very surprised to discover that my peak flow had risen from my usual 200-250 to nearly 400, even over repeated testing – which is fantastic for me. And my oxygen levels were incredibly high!

I haven’t lost weight and haven’t changed any medication so we can only put it down to the running! Nurse obviously wants me to continue 🙂

Before I started the course it felt like the asthma was definitely winning and even walking up a few flights of stairs left me breathless (admittedly being unfit and quite overweight doesn’t help but my lungs felt like little walnuts most of the time!)

So am pleased things are on the right track and whilst am still a little scared of coming on your longer runs I’m still training for the day that I can and finding it easier each time I go out.

And so thanks everyone – am very pleased and taking a really big breath right now!!!!