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Beginners Course – 2018


*** 2018 COURSE NOW FULL! ***

(enquiries to club secretary at

Next Beginners Course begins on 3rd May 2018.

Booking is via the RunTogether website.

Our next 10 week Beginners’ Running Course will be starting on Thursday 3rd May, 2018 at 7pm at Hove Rugby Club, Old Shoreham Rd, Hove.

All sessions are led by qualified and friendly Run Leaders with support from enthusiastic club volunteers. The aim is to run the 5k Parkrun in Hove Park on Saturday 30 June. All you need is some comfortable clothing, a decent sports bra and some trainers. Weekly handouts, inspirational speakers and discounts at local running shops are included.

To take part, you MUST register with Run Together first. Then you can join our group runs and pay for the programme. You also need to click on all 10 sessions to complete your booking. If you have any problems, please email our club secretary on

Our last beginners’ course finished with a group of new runners doing their first Parkrun in Hove Park. It was a huge success, and many have now joined the club and run regularly with us.

Hove Park - Park Run

Hove Park – Park Run

Read some of the inspiring comments below from former Beginner’s Course candidates!

“It was fantastic, I never ever thought in a million years that I could have achieved a 5km. Very happy, couldn’t have done it without the club! The best thing I’ve done! I am so looking forward to running more and setting a new target, maybe even a 10km.”

“I enjoyed the park run this morning – the encouragement from the club has been great! Would definitely like to join the club & keep it up.”

Running Club Week 10: the one with the bling…. THE LAST BEGINNER SESSION!

“Tonight we got medals!!! Such a wicked surprise & a medal that I’m quite proud of. I wasn’t sure if I’d stick to the 10wks & keep running, but I’ve made it & I do feel that the running bug is back 🐞 <<<look there it is! 😂

Seriously though, I’m really looking forward to being part of the club again & joining the ladies out at club runs & eventually events too.”

“I’ve just finished the Beginners Course and wanted to update on something lovely…

I had an asthma review yesterday and my nurse and I were very surprised to discover that my peak flow had risen from my usual 200-250 to nearly 400, even over repeated testing – which is fantastic for me. And my oxygen levels were incredibly high!

I haven’t lost weight and haven’t changed any medication so we can only put it down to the running! Nurse obviously wants me to continue 🙂

Before I started the course it felt like the asthma was definitely winning and even walking up a few flights of stairs left me breathless (admittedly being unfit and quite overweight doesn’t help but my lungs felt like little walnuts most of the time!)

So am pleased things are on the right track and whilst am still a little scared of coming on your longer runs I’m still training for the day that I can and finding it easier each time I go out.

And so thanks everyone – am very pleased and taking a really big breath right now!!!!”