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BHWRC Runs Etiquette and Safety – Insurance for Athletes and Clubs

BHWRC Runs Etiquette and Safety


When participating in a club run, please consider:

  • Always listen to instructions from the run leader and follow the route they have set. If you want to run faster ahead of the group or if you want to cut your run short for some reason- as a matter of courtesy, let the leader or the back marker know. Do not just run off or go home without letting them know.
  • Be aware of hazards along paths, especially in the dark.
  • Avoid bunching up so that the path can be clearly seen by others.
  • Look before crossing roads.
  • Keep over on paths to allow other pedestrians safe space.
  • Carry water to keep hydrated, especially in warmer weather.
  • It is advisable to carry a mobile phone in case of incidents. All leaders should carry one.
  • Club runs are social runs, so please do not wear headphones. They also make it difficult to hear instructions and vehicles.
  • When joining a run ensure that you are at the meeting point on time. Leaders will wait no more than 5 minutes. Thursday night runs start at 7pm. Sunday morning runs start at 9am, unless the leader chooses an earlier start when the weather is warmer.
  • Whilst the run leader should be carrying a first aid kit, especially on off-road runs, they are not responsible for first aid. The kits are basic, providing cover for open wounds and slings for potentially broken limbs. Only water should be used to clean wounds.
  • Your health. Are you well enough / recovered enough after injuries to participate in the run? Do you have medication you may need such as asthma inhalers?
  • Car share where possible. Please use Facebook or e-mail to organise lifts. If using e-mail please, only reply to the one person, not reply to all.
  • Could you lead a run? Our club relies on volunteers to lead the runs.
  • As a club, we realise we cannot please all of the people all of the time! If you want faster paced Club runs, volunteer to lead them but make sure that everyone knows that it is in addition to the usual runs. No one should inadvertently find they are trying to keep to a pace that is unacceptable to them and/or get left behind.

Club nights are for everyone to enjoy!

When leading a club run, please consider:

  • Anyone can lead a run- Pair up with someone and it will make it easier.
  • Make sure you have a volunteer to ‘back-mark’- someone who can be relied upon to stay behind the last person at all times. Hi-viz jackets are in the club box and should be worn by the back marker.
  • Count how many runners are in your group before you start.
  • Start off gently, i.e. slower than your normal pace, whatever that is.
  • Speed is not necessary! As a club, we want to encourage people, not demoralise them which will happen if they get left way behind.
  • Don’t act like a rabbit crossing a road- remember you have a string of runners following behind you. Be aware of safety at all times. Use crossings where available.
  • Pause regularly at appropriate intervals, traffic lights, junctions, etc. to make sure the group hasn’t become too spread out. When you pause the group, check with your ‘back-marker’ that everyone is ok at the back. Keep checking to see if the group begins to spread out. If there are runners far back and disconnected from the group, the pace is too fast…slow it down so the group stays together in a long crocodile! When there are no stragglers, you have found the best pace for the group.
  • Make sure that when you pause, you give those at the back a rest too. If those at the front start off again as soon as those at the back catch up, you will have had a nice rest but they won’t.

If you feel that there are runners behind you that wish to go faster, when you reach a suitable point on your route, such as a long straight road or hill pause the group. Tell those that wish to go faster where to meet, i.e. the next road junction and send them off ahead. Alternatively, they can run to a given point and then ‘loop’ back to return to the group.


Our club relies on volunteers to lead the runs, to lead and support the beginners’ group, to lead the training nights, and the committee members who work voluntarily to ensure the club continues to exist and grow as the fun, caring and successful women’s running club that it is. Our lovely club also relies on all members following these basic rules of etiquette and safety.

Thank you for your continued support of the



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